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Public health has become a global concern and a major challenge for all societies. We at SAMWB Association reflect on our lifestyle and incorporate our knowledge of natural medicine with the use of adapted and innovative solutions that are relevant to our modern world. These alternative medicines and techniques have been empirically proven, hold scientific records and are today recognized by existing national health systems around the world, including Switzerland and Germany.

SAMWB’s philosophy is to raise public awareness on preventive measures by providing education at all levels and by proposing a systematic way in identifying the ideal treatment approach. 


We invite you to become an internationally recognized key partner by supporting SAMWB Association, which represents a platform for dialogue & collaboration on the topic of integrative medicine and sustainable health amongst healthcare professionals around the world.

With your generous support and donations to SAMWB, 40% of your financial support will be dedicated to Heartbeat Program, while 60% of your contribution will be assigned to new incubator projects within the SAM Congress. 

With you donation, we guarantee we will do our upmost to make sure this project meets ends.

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